noticia minicursoNo dia 05/11 ocorrerá o mini-curso “Cross-Scale Characterization and Modeling of Asphalt Concrete”. O professor Dr. Shane Underwood, da Associate Professor – Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering - North Carolina State University estará responsável por ministrar o mini-curso. O evento é promovido pela ANPET em parceria com o Programa Especial de Treinamento em Engenharia Rodoviária da
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – PETER / UFRGS. 


Pavement engineers are under increasing demands to produce pavements that perform better, cost less, and have fewer negative impacts to society and the environment. One pathway to delivering on these expectations is better engineering of the asphalt concrete mixtures used in these structures. To achieve this goal, engineers must better understand the internal structure and governing mechanics across multiple length scales. While cross-scale and multi-scale studies of asphalt concrete have been the subject of intense interest over the past 10-15 years, there is still much to be accomplished. Findings and advancement in other fields can be used to aid researchers in these tasks, but unique challenges persist due to the thermorheological sensitivity of the binding matrix and the complex/poorly characterized interactions between this binding matrix and the aggregate particles. This course will explore these issues by first explaining the overarching perspective that drives the research approach. Then, approaches to investigate physico-chemical complexities at the aggregate binder interface using asphalt mastic studies will be discussed. After a short break, the course will demonstrate the study of particulate-particulate interactions through fine aggregate matrix and asphalt mixture studies. Finally, the course will conclude by explanation of a structuralization parameter to unify cross-scale mechanical behaviors.


- A cross-scale perspective of asphalt behavior
- Asphalt Binder to Asphalt Mastic - Composition and Mechanical Modeling
- Asphalt Fine Aggregate Matrix (FAM) and the Link to Asphalt Mixture
- Structuralization as a Unifying Scaling Parameter